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Club Card Guarantee

A valid* BBH Club Card guarantees that the holder will be required to pay no more than the price listed in the current BBH official price list** for any vacant bed at any current BBH member hostel ***in New Zealand.

If the holder is required to pay more than the official listed price, BBH will refund twice the difference between the price charged and the official price - limited to no more than the official overnight fee.

Provided that:

A claim under this guarantee will be considered only if:

The claim must include details of:

No claim will be considered for more than one night's stay.

* A valid BBH Club Card must be completed with details of the holders name and passport or NZ drivers licence number and the date of purchase. Cards that have been altered or defaced or are presented by anyone other than the person so named, may be retained by a BBH member hostel. Benefits of the BBH Club Card including this guarantee, are limited to the person named on the card.

** The BBH official price list is the list of prices displayed in the BBH Backpacker Accommodation guide current at the time or in any list of amended prices subsequently distributed for display by BBH NZ Ltd to BBH hostels.

*** The list of current BBH member Hostels may be amended at any time without notice. All amendments will be advised by means of announcement on the BBH web site Member Hostels will be advised by email.

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