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BBH Listings - Villa by the Sea in Nelson
Image - Villa by the Sea

At Villa by the Sea we believe there's a place where special memories are created. 50 metres from swimming and the most amazing waterfront sunsets is where that place is. With dedicated entertainment zones and ample amenities you will know you have made the right decision. Free WiFi and pick up / drop off service available. , so treat yourself to a night's stay at Villa by the Sea and create that special memory.

Official BPP Rating: 68%
Online BPP Rating: 68%
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Room Type No. of People
Maximum : 38
Prices shown Per Person
With BBH Club Card NO BBH Club Card
single Single 1 $24.00  $28.00 
double ensuite Double 4 $40.00  $44.00 
double Double 2 $36.00  $40.00 
double Double 2 $32.00  $36.00 
double Double 2 $31.00  $35.00 
twin Twin 2 $32.00  $36.00 
dorm Dorm 6 $25.00  $29.00 
dorm Dorm 8 $22.00  $26.00 
dorm Dorm 8 $16.00  $20.00 

252 Haven Rd

Phone :(03)545-8365

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