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BBH Listings - Opotiki Beach House in Opotiki
Image - Opotiki Beach House

Enjoy the feeling of a Pacific island in Steve's very small and basic seaside hangout. 6km of sandy beach with good fishing and safe swimming. Seasonal work. "Summertime and the living is easy". WiFi. Waiotahe Beach, 5km west of Opotiki. Closed April to September.

Official BPP Rating: 78%
Online BPP Rating: 78%
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Room Type No. of People
Maximum : 10
Prices shown Per Person
With BBH Club Card NO BBH Club Card
single Single 1 $45.00  $49.00 
double Double 2 $30.00  $34.00 
twin Twin 2 $30.00  $34.00 
dorm Dorm 5 $26.00  $30.00 

7 Appleton Rd
Waiotahi Beach

Phone :(07)315-5117

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